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How To Care For Your Houseplants

“How often should I water my houseplants?” Although this is one of the most common questions I get asked over the course of a season, I don’t have a black and white answer. Plants, much like humans, are unique organisms and therefore require individual care to thrive. No two houseplants require the same care in […]

How to care for orchids at home

Not a Christmas goes by when we don’t give receive at least one Orchid. These exotic flowers are right up there with poinsettias as the most popular potted houseplants for the holiday season. Many people’s first orchid marks the beginning of a life-long love affair with these elegant blooms. But it can also raise the […]

Where To Shop For Christmas Gifts In Woodstock

Once again Christmas seems to have arrived all too quickly. With just about a week left to finish your Holiday shopping, many Woodstock residents are feeling the pinch, wondering where to find last-minute Christmas gifts here in town—besides the local Wal Mart!? Don’t fret! Here are five great (local) Woodstock businesses where you can find […]

When And How To Prune Flowering Shrubs

If you’ve ever spent any time landscaping, you’re likely familiar with flowering shrubs. Thanks to their extreme versatility, ease of care and maintenance, and ability to grow in extreme conditions, they’re the shrub of choice among amateur and veteran landscapers alike (not to mention one of the best values around when it comes to shrubbery).

How To Protect Your Garden From The Frost

Believe it or not, but Souther Ontario weather is considered unpredictable by many garden professionals—especially in the spring. One day we can be enjoying an early warm spell, when out of nowhere comes a frost warning. If you have plants in your garden or around your home, you need to be prepared. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are The Best Foundation Plantings?

Foundation Planting? A foundation planting refers to a group of plants that help incorporate a building to it’s property and cover the actual concrete foundation your structure is built on. It is a critical component of home decoration and can either enhance or detract from your property’s value, after all it is the first impression […]