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Lets talk begonias, an exciting and diverse plant species that is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. Generally speaking begonias are very easy to grow, they will thrive and bloom with a minimum of care. Many begonias tolerate a variety of conditions, shade; sun, dry, low fertility, perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. Begonias come with an array of flower colours, sizes, shapes and forms for extra interest. The leaves are also beautiful, shiny, large, small, in a variety of shades and shapes. It is little wonder these plants are so popular and plant breeders are striving to introduce newer and improved varieties.

begonia dragonwing redDRAGON WING BEGONIA

Although not new, “Dragon Wing Begonia”, continues to grow in popularity. It is somewhat like a jumbo fiberous begonia with larger flowers and leaves. Sun or shade doesn’t matter and when planted in the ground tolerates drought, no wonder it is so popular with municipal parks departments. It makes an ideal hanging basket or container plant. At the present”Dragon Wings” come in pink or red. Similar varieties include “Big Begonia” and “Whopper Begonia”.




begonia breezyBREEZY BEGONIA

A plant that is great to use in hanging baskets and mixed containers. Thrives in sun or partial shade. A mounding spreading habit reaching about 10” high and up to 14” wide. What differentiates these begonias is that the double flowers have a fringed edge. Beautiful colours pink (pictured), white, yellow, salmon-orange and red.






begonia bossa Nova


A very heat tolerant plant that thrives where other plants will not. Excellent trailing habit for awesome hanging baskets and outstanding mixed containers. The ever blooming plants come in orange, red, rose and white.




begonia fireballsFIREBALLS BEGONIA

Loaded with double and semi-double flowers of blazing red with orange undertones. The plant is vigorous, upright reaching about 16″. Best location for this one is in the partial sun.






begonia arcadaARCADIA BEGONIA

This will be the first season we are growing this series but i have seen them at trials before, in a word spectacular! Recommended for the shade( we will be doing some trials and see if they tolerate sun) they make an ideal stand alone hanging basket. Huge fully double blooms come in pink, orange, yellow, scarlet, white, yellow and apricot. Unique foliage of differing colour and very shiny. Excited about growing this one!





Just of a few of the different kind of begonias we will be growing. If you are interested in these begonias or some i didn’t mention let us know we would love to hear from you…