perennial shade

5 Types Of Perennials For Shaded Areas

We are often asked, “what perennials can I plant in the shade?”, the options for sun are enormous but in shade we are more limited. Here I will show you five interesting plants for the shady garden, not necessarily the most popular, and I choose to ignore hosta because everybody has this already.

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protect garden from frost

How To Protect Your Garden From The Frost

Believe it or not, but Souther Ontario weather is considered unpredictable by many garden professionals—especially in the spring.

One day we can be enjoying an early warm spell, when out of nowhere comes a frost warning. If you have plants in your garden or around your home, you need to be prepared.

Here’s what you need to know.

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best foundation plants

What Are The Best Foundation Plantings?

holiday-house-177401_1280Foundation Planting?

A foundation planting refers to a group of plants that help incorporate a building to it’s property and cover the actual concrete foundation your structure is built on. It is a critical component of home decoration and can either enhance or detract from your property’s value, after all it is the first impression people will get of your home. Perhaps, even more importantly, it is the face of your home you present to the world.
More often than not a foundation planting is one of the first jobs a novice gardener will attempt. Drive around, look what some others have done, note things that you like and what things you want to avoid. By all means please visit our garden centre we would love to help you. Before you arrive please take a picture of your home, note which exposure your property faces and take a rough measurement of the area.

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deal with japanese beetles

How To Deal With Japanese Beetles

It is early July, customers are bringing in leaves that have been chewed to pieces and phone is ringing asking what is stripping all the flowers off their roses. Over the last few years plants in south western Ontario have been infested by the Japanese beetle.

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what happened to my impatiens

What Happened To My Impatiens?

impatiens downey mildewWhen i first started working at the greenhouse, about 30 years ago, impatiens were the most popular plant we grew. They continued to grow in popularity and one time impatiens represented over half the bedding plants we grew.

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beautiful begonia

Beautiful Begonias

Lets talk begonias, an exciting and diverse plant species that is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. Generally speaking begonias are very easy to grow, they will thrive and bloom with a minimum of care. Many begonias tolerate a variety of conditions, shade; sun, dry, low fertility, perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. Begonias come with an array of flower colours, sizes, shapes and forms for extra interest. The leaves are also beautiful, shiny, large, small, in a variety of shades and shapes. It is little wonder these plants are so popular and plant breeders are striving to introduce newer and improved varieties.

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hottest peppers

The World’s Hottest Peppers (In Woodstock)

We have grown pepper plants here for a long time, most of them were sweet, a few hots (chili, cayenne and hungarian). Today half of the peppers we sell are hot and we grow dozens of varieties including some of the hottest peppers in the world.

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