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holiday-house-177401_1280Foundation Planting?

A foundation planting refers to a group of plants that help incorporate a building to it’s property and cover the actual concrete foundation your structure is built on. It is a critical component of home decoration and can either enhance or detract from your property’s value, after all it is the first impression people will get of your home. Perhaps, even more importantly, it is the face of your home you present to the world.
More often than not a foundation planting is one of the first jobs a novice gardener will attempt. Drive around, look what some others have done, note things that you like and what things you want to avoid. By all means please visit our garden centre we would love to help you. Before you arrive please take a picture of your home, note which exposure your property faces and take a rough measurement of the area.


Bed Shape

If it is a brand new planting we have a blank canvas to work with, a makeover requires some extra considerations. Are there some existing plant materials you want to keep? Either way we need to start with the bed shape. Keep in mind we need some sort of path or indicator of how you want visitors to approach your front door then we work plantings around this. You can make your beds and path squared or curvy, but they should both be in the same style. Please don’t end the beds even with the structure of the building, extend them around a corner or along the path or driveway for instance.
The foundation planting should reflect the architecture of the building. A symmetrical home with the front door in the middle should be planted with formal, symmetrical plantings; a more modern asymmetrical home requires a more varied treatment. Your landscaping should also suit the property and the neighbourhood. Finally your choices should reflect you and your personal taste.

Plant Selection

Specific plant selection is something we will not touch on here, I will just say we should be selecting a variety of things keeping in mind we want to create year round interest. Some evergreens, assure your place won’t be bare when deciduous plants lose their leaves. Flowering shrubs are a good choice and very effective when planted in groups. Perennials can be used but generally require extra maintenance. A suitably sized tree can really help tie a home and a landscape together, be careful not obscure the house behind a massive tree. Keep in mind that plants grow and you need to give them the space they need to develop as attractive specimens. An experienced professional should be able to advise you with regard to plant selection and spacing.
Ideally, a foundation planting connects a home to the landscape, you want it to appear natural. You want to make people feel welcome and we do this by drawing attention to your front door. A common way to do this is the use of a specimen plant, a plant that draws your attention because of unique, attractive qualities. A specimen plant could be a standard ornamental tree, a unusual evergreen or any special plant that has special characteristics.
How you choose to landscape should be a reflection of your own personal taste and personality. There are computer programs that will design a landscape for you but they end up looking generic. If you want to put your personal stamp on your home take some time and don’t be afraid to ask questions and please enjoy the process. Just come into our store we will help you in the process and if we don’t have a specific plant you want we can probably get for you.